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February 24, 2016

Benefits of Hosted Phone Systems

A hosted phone system VoIP service has the benefits of a sophisticated IP phone system in an affordable, pay-as-you-go solution. It is ideal for organizations needing robust communication features without having to own and maintain a telephone system. Let your hosted system provider worry about managing the systems in the cloud that conceptually represent a service provider’s IP network. All you have to do is answer your phone calls.

Hosted phone systems conserve capital while you enjoy complete phone system flexibility. Your IT talent is free from running the office phone system. A cloud-based telephone solution can be very liberating and affordable. The phone system’s central intelligence is in a secure data center. All you need on-site are the end-user devices (telephones & attendant consoles) and the local network gear to connect devices to the network. You don’t have to worry about system hosting, power protection, performance, maintenance, or upgrades. Implementing in multiple locations is easy with uniform deployments. Any rapidly expanding businesses can take advantage of this remarkable scalability.

The three main benefits of a hosted phone system are cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and robustness.

1. Cost-Effective

  • Reduce Up Front Costs
  • Predictable Monthly Operating Costs
  • No Software Upgrade Costs
  • Minimal Support Costs

2. Flexible

  • Easy to Implement Single Site or Multiple Sites
  • Scalable Up or Down as Business Dictates
  • National Presence with Phone Numbers in Any Area Code

3. Robust

  • Most Applications as Premise-Based Solution
  • Same IP Telephones = Same user experience
  • Traditional PBX features

hosted phone systems research

Advantages of Hosted Phone Provider

Easy to Use

  • Simple and intuitive user dashboard to view your communications
  • Drag-n-drop phone programming – no more star codes to try and remember
  • Intelligent integration between all devices and web-based dashboard delivering real-time status no matter where you are.
  • One-touch HELP menus on the phone and dashboard

Easy to Manage

  • Centralized administration to easily manage all locations from a single dashboard view
  • Easily administer Moves, Adds and Changes with a click of the mouse
  • Track call history, recordings, and team performance
  • Phone replacement made simple with advanced replacement

Easy to Buy

  • Flexible user-based packages – buy the features you need for each user
  • No upfront costs or hidden fees – you pick the service bundle and that’s what you pay
  • No charge for your phone – it’s included in the monthly service price
  • ESI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Easy to Implement

  • Fully supported onsite installations – we don’t just drop the phones off for you to install
  • Onsite end-user training – we ensure your users will adopt and use the great features you have just purchased
  • Ongoing support and maintenance services – we have you covered

Questions? Contact Us

South Bay Communications & Security is an Authorized ESI Dealer and we have experts on hand to answer any questions you have about hosted phone systems. Give us a call at 757-523-9646. We’d love to talk with you about your business telephone needs.

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