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July 12, 2016

Toshiba IPedge 1.7: Try Before You Buy

Imagine being able to manage your business communications how, where and when you want — via desk phone, smartphone, PC or tablet — in or out of the office, across platforms from Toshiba and third parties, including Microsoft Skype® for Business.

Imagine if you could see the status of colleagues before dialing them, then click to call or message them.  Dial, answer or transfer calls without picking up the phone, just using the mouse.  Access your voice and email messages all in one place — from work, from your home email system or from anywhere over the network.  Have phone calls follow you wherever you go, however you define them to.

These unified communications (UC) capabilities and more have always been available for your Toshiba IPedge on-site phone system.  Now it is simpler than ever to explore UC and see the value it could add to your organization in convenience, productivity and performance.

Free 60-day Trial Licenses

Release 1.7 of Toshiba’s IPedge® software includes free, 60-day trial licenses for Toshiba’s unified messaging, unified communications and automated call distribution (ACD) contact center applications.

  • Toshiba’s UCedge® unified communications application converges business communications on office telephones, cell phones, multiple voice mail and email accounts, video conferencing, network collaboration, instant messaging and more into one unified system, improving the efficiency, usefulness and acceptance of all of them. Or just try the unified messaging component of UCedge for the ability to check voice and email messages in one inbox from anywhere.
  • Toshiba’s ACD contact center application enables any business to run a professional and efficient call center. The application treats agents in multiple locations as though they were in one place — and gives that impression to callers as well.  The application checks agent status in remote locations before routing calls to them.  Functions such as presence status and instant messaging work across the network.  Remote or mobile contact center agents can use their smartphones as extensions of the business phone system.

All three applications work with all of Toshiba’s current business phone systems: Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud solution, IPedge on-site telephone systems and Toshiba Strata® CIX systems with an IPedge Application Server.  The app for users’ mobile devices is a free download from Google Play™, the Apple App Store™ and Google Chrome Web Store™.

But wait, there’s more.  IPedge Release 1.7 software also includes:

  • Security updates to put IPedge users ahead of the latest security threats, such as SQL injection attacks, unauthorized login attempts and breaches of data encryption.
  • An upgrade to the IPedge server’s Linux® operating system that delivers significant performance improvements in network and disk I/O processing for IPedge
  • The ability to transfer existing Toshiba ACD and unified communications licenses among sites for greater flexibility and cost savings, particularly valuable for contact centers.

Find out more and start taking advantage.  IPedge Software Release 1.7 is now available from South Bay Communications & Security. Call today: 757-523-9646 to learn more.

Originally posted on Toshiba Telecom blog.

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