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October 5, 2016

ESI ePhone7: First “Smartphone” for Your Desk Top

On October 4th, ESI announced their crown jewel, the ePhone7, the first and only advanced smartphone for the desk top that has revolutionized the future of business communications.  Unlike anything on the market today, the ePhone7 is designed to maximize productivity by providing a simpler and more innovative user experience – one that mirrors how users interact with their mobile devices.

The ePhone7 is an integral part of the ESI eCloud PBX solution.  It sets a new direction for business communications, enabling users to take advantage of a mobile experience on their desk top phone.  It is the most innovative phone to be delivered to the market yet, with a color touchscreen interface, easy to access contacts (by name or number), presence indication, visual voice mail, one-touch recording, conferencing and more.

The Cloud-based market for business phone solutions continues to grow with projections of “hosted VoIP and UC market revenue to reach $13 billion and total 74 million seats by 2020” (source: Cloud-based VoIP, UC seats to surpass 70 million by 2020. Fierce Telecom, September 23, 2016).  With these types of projections, it is imperative that the desk top phone evolves to meet the changing expectations of the mobile user generation.

The ESI ePhone7 rises to the occasion and combines the critical features of a business phone – like call transfer, park, conferencing, paging and call forwarding – with the user interface of a mobile device; making it the most complete business phone on the market and setting a new standard in office communications.

Making a BIG Impact in Business Communications

“Users want an experience that is Google fast and Apple easy, so we knew designing a desk phone for the smartphone era was the best way to exceed user expectations,” said George Platt, chief executive officer at ESI.  “We understood that user expectations were changing, but the experience wasn’t.  With the introduction of the ePhone7, we’ve delivered a mobile experience that makes business communications as second nature as calling home.  Users have access to all inter-office extensions and names as well as all personal and external phone numbers already programmed in their iPhone or Android device.  This phone is a game changer for business communications.”

The ePhone7 delivers a powerful end user experience through the following features:

  • Simply dial by name: Quick access to business or personal contacts by name or number.  Contacts are managed in a single interface that has the same interactions as a smartphone.
  • Eliminate key programming: It is easy to access contacts as well as create favorite and group lists that replace the need for speed dial and DSS keys.
  • See presence and availability of co-workers: Visual indicators make it easy to see who is in or out of the office and available to communicate.
  • One-touch eHELP: Quick access to a complete website offering “how-to” videos that assist users in learning about how to use new features, therefore driving the adoption of more productivity-enhancing features.

For more information on the groundbreaking ePhone7, contact us to schedule a demo.

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