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February 6, 2017

Case Study: Trade Fixtures Benefits from ESI’s Unified Communication

Trade Fixtures (www.tradefixtures.com) was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1982, and supplies the retail food market industry with innovative storage products and solutions. With its unmatched number of innovative products and merchandising solutions, Trade Fixtures is considered the industry-leading manufacturer of bulk food dispense systems for natural foods, candy, snacks, coffee, tea and pet foods. All retailers face the universal, long-standing challenge of space utilization, stock rotation, merchandising appeal, sanitation and ease of use. Beyond considering the bottom line, retailers must promote ecological responsibility. Trade Fixtures’ line of products was designed with the end-customer in mind, and it equips mainstream grocers, independents and distributors with the right storage products for attractiveness, ease of use and ecological responsibility. Trade Fixtures worked with ESI an channel partner throughout the implementation.

Client Company Problems

As most thriving companies experience during rapid expansion, Trade Fixtures was facing growing pains. With an outdated phone system, the company could not access advanced PBX features. Trade Fixtures needed to increase their bandwidth to scale quickly, and also improve the communications capabilities of its staff. To support a new phone system, Trade Fixtures also needed to re-cable their building, and wanted to leverage VoIP without the huge capital expenses frequently required with communications upgrades.

The Reason They Chose ESI SIP Trunking Service

Working closely with ESI a channel partner, Trade Fixtures selected ESI’s SIP Trunking service due to its robust features that allow businesses to grow and scale. Desiring to take advantage of VoIP capabilities while maintaining a PBX on-site, Trade Fixtures also combined SIP Trunking with the ESI IP Server 900, a high-performance IP phone system, allowing the company to enjoy a hybrid approach to cloud services.

Trade Fixtures chose the power bundle of the IP900 and SIP Trunking because of the scalable design that is fully integrated with advanced features, and its flexible ease of use. With ESI SIP Trunking, the customer can take advantage of on-demand conferencing up to 50 participants, eFax and local DIDs, and can also leverage bursting capabilities when more capacity is needed for those busy moments. Because the solution requires less cables, the ESI partner was able to re-cable Trade Fixtures’ building at half of the cost required by other solutions.

The Installation Process

The installation process with Trade Fixtures went very smoothly and quickly. After installing the Fiber, the installer switched over to the VoIP, ported the numbers to ESI SIP solutions and then installed the ESI phone system. Trade Fixtures was impressed by the seamless installation, and remarked that the ESI team went above and beyond in communicating and meeting their needs throughout the process.

The Results

Instantly, Trade Fixtures noticed the tremendous value of replacing their old ESI digital solution with ESI’s IP PBX plus SIP Trunking. The company was able to maintain an on-premise solution, while also gaining the benefits of additional UC applications to improve collaboration and business efficiency – but without additional costs. Due to the addition of mobile messaging and its impact on productivity and collaboration, Trade Fixtures experienced increased sales. The system also allowed staff to easily move work stations and provided added flexibility for those busy times where more capacity is required. As an organization that relies heavily on sales, Trade Fixtures appreciated the added sense of security from ESI’s geo-redundant system. If a disaster should strike, Trade Fixtures can ensure that communications are never interrupted, and phone communication can continue.

Post-Installation Results

The most remarkable benefit to Trade Fixtures was the cost savings. Compared to bonded T1s and PRI, the cost of the fiber and SIP was 60-percent less. The company also saved 50-percent on cabling costs, as the ESI solution required less cables. Combined with the added features that empower the business to grow and scale quickly, Trade Fixtures is confident that their future is bright with ESI on their side.

Originally posted on www.esi-estech.com.

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