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May 30, 2017

How to Choose Video Surveillance Systems

Whether you need to monitor your business or your home, video surveillance systems offer a number of benefits.

They can help you protect your property, by either deterring criminals or capturing the crime on camera. They can offer you a measure of legal protection, or even help with insurance claims.

Or they can simply be there to give you peace of mind and make you, your family or your employees feel a little more protected.

But deciding what type of video surveillance system you should buy can be confusing and even overwhelming.

We’ve laid out some of the most important factors to consider. If you follow this guide and do some planning ahead, you can find a system that is perfect for your needs.

How Large Is the Area Being Monitored?

The first step when choosing between video surveillance systems is determining the size of your space you want to monitor. This will determine whether you go with a single or multiple camera set up.

If you need to monitor a wide open space, consider going with a camera that offers panoramic views.

It helps if you plan out your space and make note of all the areas that need to included in the camera’s frame. Consider not just the obvious entrances such as doorways, but any other points that could be used, such as windows.

Hidden vs. Obvious Cameras

Another factor to consider is whether or not you need your cameras to be hidden.

Some situations call for cameras that don’t draw attention, so that information can be gathered discreetly.

On the other hand, some situations are better suited for cameras that are seen clearly. Larger, more obvious cameras can be used not only for surveillance but can possibly act as a deterrent to any criminal activity.

How Is the Lighting?

When considering different types of video surveillance systems, the lighting in your space is an important factor.

If you need surveillance for an area that has poor lighting, especially at night, then you need to go with a camera that supports that scenario.

When looking at different systems, check their “lux” rating. This number tells you how good the system is at operating in low light. Additionally, some models have infrared systems.

Don’t just think about low lighting either. Other lighting factors such as glares and reflections need to be taken into consideration.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

While there are surveillance systems that are versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor, some models are tailored for one in particular.

Outdoor cameras need to be built to handle tough situations. This means any harsh weather, such as rain or freezing weather. On top of the weather, outdoor cameras are more likely to be tampered with or damaged by someone and need to be able to withstand that.

Even if you just need an indoor camera, determine whether or not it needs extra protective housing.

Recording and Viewing

Choosing how you want to record and store your video is another step, as well as how you can view your images and recordings.

Some systems will operate with built in memory cards. This works for those using a single camera system and doesn’t have the need for a lot of memory space.

The other option is connecting your camera/cameras to a separate digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR). A DVR or NVR is a better choice if you need to store a lot of recordings.

If you want to have live view access to your cameras from a remote location, then go with an IP (internet protocol) camera. As long as there is internet access, these cameras allow you to check your site using your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart tv.

Choosing the Best Video Surveillance Systems

Trying to find a surveillance system that works best for you can seem overwhelming, considering all of the options available to you.

If you just follow these steps and carefully consider your needs, you can choose a system that works best for your needs. And choosing the right system will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

If you have any questions about a video surveillance system or what would best suit your situation, contact us today and we can help.

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