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November 22, 2017

5 Times Security Cameras Benefited a Business

With over 360,000 robberies every year, security cameras have become more of a necessity now than they ever were before. However, cameras do so much more than document crime.

They can help to improve the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

Here are 5 ways security cameras have benefited businesses.

1. Deter Potential Criminals

First, much like a loud and scary dog, security cameras are great at deterring potential criminals.

Losses from shoplifting and robberies are much less likely to occur if the facility has visible cameras and other security protections.

The more hurdles a criminal needs to jump through or avoid in order to get what they want they less likely they are to commit that crime. In fact, cameras effectively discourage people from specific crimes such as graffiti, vandalism, and shoplifting.

2. Added Security

However, even with cameras, these crimes sometimes still occur. Another benefit to installing these systems is to increase security and documentation when situations do arise.

The video from the security camera has often helped police officers identify the suspects involved. This will help your business receive the best compensation for the events that occur.

3. Collect More Information

The third way that cameras are helpful is that they help collect information for your business.

With your cameras you can now know how often products are broken, the way your customers are treated, and much more.

According to recent studies, over $100 billion worth of products are mishandled or broken every year. Knowing how much your business is losing in problems like this can help you gain a greater profit margin.

Cameras can help you identify these problems.

4. Motivate Employees

The next way cameras help you is by motivating employees. Some employees have a special can do attitude that pushes them to always try their best. Others do not.

Cameras help those employees that struggle with the sometimes monotonous workload. Knowing that someone might be watching is a great way to encourage employees to always act their best, especially if they are around customers.

Also, if a dispute occurs with a customer, you’ll now have the evidence to support either side.

5. Improve Customer Experience

The last way cameras help your business is by improving the customer experience.

Cameras can help you monitor where people are in the store. This is helpful because you can then push the employees to the areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Cameras aren’t just important for your own management. It also helps your customers feel more comfortable as well. Check out some unique reasons video is crucial for your business.

At the very least installing cameras can add a little bit of humor to your day as well. Check out these 15 priceless experiences caught on tape.

Install Security Cameras Now

Security cameras are becoming increasingly more affordable and advanced. However, they aren’t the only security system you need to invest in. Here are some trending security features that you need to incorporate into your business.

However, when talking about security the first place to start is with cameras.

Do you have any questions about how to improve your business’ security? Comment below! We can’t wait to help you find the best system for your brand.

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