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February 5, 2018

How to Choose an Office Paging System

Does your business need a boost in productivity? The quickest way to boost employee morale is to have an effective way to communicate.

And it all starts with an office paging system. A system like that will ensure you can give direction to multiple employees at a time.

There won’t be any more confusion and you won’t have one employee doing a different task from the rest of the group. You can clearly state what needs to be done.

But do you know what should be included in an office paging system? If you’re shaking your head, don’t worry, we’ll go over key features.

Ready to find out what they are?

Let’s get into it!

Choose Appropriate Listening Levels For Your Office Paging System

While an office paging system is for giving direction, your employee’s hearing should be in mind at all times. If not at appropriate levels, the paging system you choose could be damaging to their hearing.

Keep in mind, anything above 115dB should be avoided. A person can only listen to sound at 115dB for 15 minutes. After that, it’ll begin to damage their eardrum.

You want the sound to be loud enough to reach the entire facility. That also includes background noise.

Go Wireless

If you have a smaller facility, wireless is the way to go. You can communicate from the main console or from your phone.

It provides the same benefits as a wired network does, including the ability to add safety features like a panic button. And you can customize your facility with wireless LED boards that display important messages.

Choose a Reliable Brand

When it comes to communication and security, we provide our clients with the best. Our paging system is through Valcom, which is great for businesses and organizations.

Their high-quality speakers provide the right amount of sound needed for everyone to hear. Along with their overhead speaker system, there are also emergency notifications through computer pop-ups and visual signs.

It also includes other features that’ll come in handy such as notifications when someone is not at their desk. Or to get everyone energized in the morning, background music can be played.

Keep Design in Mind

With employee safety being a top priority, the design of the paging system is important. It’s vital that you get enough speakers to fill every space. Even the smallest room in the building needs a speaker.

Just because you get speakers that are loud enough, doesn’t mean you have enough of them. Smaller speakers can be included in the spaces that may not get a lot of foot traffic. But you’ll have peace of mind knowing your bases are covered so if there were an emergency, employees would know.

Our packages include everything needed to ensure a safe working area. You’ll get everything that’ll fit facilities of all sizes.

Wrapping Up on Choosing an Office Paging System

When it comes to effective communication within a business, quality of sound matters as well safety and security.

Ready to outfit your business with the best paging systems available? Contact us today!

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