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February 26, 2018

How Intrusion Detection Can Protect Your Business

If you’re running a company, you need to be confident that it’s secure.

Your business’ assets can include both your customers’ information, your confidential documents, and valuable equipment. The Huffington Post recommends both physical barriers and an intrusion detection system to as part of a business’ overall security strategy.

It makes sense that you install a system good enough to deter thieves. However, not all systems are created equal. There are a number of considerations that go into picking the best system for your business.

Keep reading, you’re about to find out exactly how an intrusion detection system can protect your business from threats.

Types of Intrusion Detection Solutions

There are lots of advantages to having an audible alarm system, the chief one being that its noise can make burglars not complete an attempted break-in.

However, there are a number of other options when it comes to intrusion detection. A burglar alarm panel is probably a feature you’ll obtain. Additionally, there are motion detectors, glass break sensors, fire and video integration and panic buttons.

A good security company can work with you to tailor the installation so you get exactly what you need.

Steps in Installing a New System

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a site security survey. The provider of the system will be professionally qualified to make recommendations for your company’s size and needs.

There are choices you’ll have to make on your own, however.

For example, the connection for an alarm monitoring system. You can choose “dual path”, which means that there are two forms of communication between the alarm and the monitoring company.

Think about what security alarm points you need. The windows and doors of a structure are standard, but your business may have specific areas that need to be highly secured as well.

Access codes are a vital part of your security strategy. They can be used to set the alarm, and disarm it in case of a breach.

Make sure each employee has a unique passcode. This way you can keep track of activity and know who initiated it, and when.

Technology and Your New Intrusion Detection System

Advancements in technology mean that you can monitor your business’ security from anywhere that has internet. Manage your intrusion detection system from your computer or laptop at home, or on your cell phone.

Notifications can be triggered by any action you choose. For example, you can set up automatic alerts for a fire, intrusion or other incidents.

How to Get an Intrusion Detection System

With security threats growing ever more complex, it’s important to choose the right company to install your system. They should be accessible around the clock if you need help or a security breach happens.

The best companies are also able to give you customized advice on the full range of installations, both big or small.

Get a quote from us or additional info on our full range of services in Virginia by contacting us today.

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Stephanie Calway

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that advancements in technology can help monitor a business's security from anywhere that has internet. I would imagine that any business owner would want to protect their investment for continuous revenue. I think they should consider getting commercial access control security solutions that can provide keyless entry and high-security locks and key systems.

  2. I like that you talked about being able to monitor your business anywhere and anytime when you have a connection. With that in mind, having commercial video surveillance system services would be a good idea to ensure that the company is protected from criminals. It will also give you a good impression for your customers, especially when the products you offer are valuable like jewelry.

  3. I love that you pointed out that one can monitor their business better because of the advancements in technology, especially with the internet. I guess commercial security systems services would have more options these days as well depending on your budget and needs. For me, one of the things that should be included is the video monitor feature, because it will definitely record everything happening around or inside the property.

  4. I totally agree when you said that having access codes will be a vital part of then security needs of your property such as setting up an alarm and all. I can imagine how security access doors can also be one of the best investments for establishments that have valuable items. Intruders can definitely have a hard time before they can actually enter a place or even not able to enter it at all.

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