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June 19, 2018

5 Benefits of a Business Security Alarm System

Whether or not you run a small business that is close to home, your business will need a security alarm system to protect of your company’s assets. Business security alarms alert you when the property is invaded by thieves or when the property is attacked by intruders. Burglaries not only affect current stock; but they can also cause your business to close for an investigation. Additionally, they can also have significant emotional impact on you and your employees. However, as a business owner, to prevent or minimize the chances of this happening, a business security alarm is a priority for your company.

Here are five reasons why you should install business security alarms:

Constant Protection

To assign security guards to personally secure and protect the property 24/7 is not always feasible. A security system will provide round-the-lock protection against burglars and break-ins and also allow you to have playback functionality on your security cameras.

Strong and Effective Warning

Home and commercial properties that have security systems installed are known to have a lower risk of being targeted by criminals. Knowing that they have a higher chance of getting caught, the alarm system will persuade potential thieves that your property is not worth the hassle.

Nonstop Functionality

There are two types of alarm systems – wireless and hardwired. Wireless alarm systems function with batteries and do not need a constant source of electricity. They continue to function during blackouts which can be very helpful as looting is common when this happens. Hardwired systems do not use batteries as their source but rather, consume electricity. Regularly charging a battery is unnecessary.

Easy Relocation

Alarm system devices can be disconnected and installed at different areas of your property. Both types of alarm systems are easy to relocate. If your company expands or moves that does not mean your system has to be completely replaced.

Special Features

Many modern alarm security systems now have features such as smoke and fire detection, sprinklers, and motion detectors. These systems can also alert you immediately during emergency situations like a gas leak or a flood.

Oftentimes, installing a business security alarm is the best way to keep you, your assets, and your employees safer than simply have a security officer to look after your business. Criminals can attack anytime and anywhere no matter the location of your business. Here at South Bay Communications & Security, we make sure your company is well-secured and protected so that you can go about your day to day business with confidence.

Do you have questions about our security products and services? Contact us today by submitting your message below or call us at 757-523-9646!

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  1. I'm glad you talked about how with an alarm system, it's less likely that you'll get robbed. If I were to open an office, I think hiring an alarm system that'll let me know if there's an emergency happening would be a great security investment. I appreciate your advice on why it's important to get an alarm system and how having one will persuade potential thieves to-not-get close to your property.

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