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July 3, 2018

Portable Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems vs. Permanent Fixtures

Choosing an alarm system for your home or business premises can be quite a task. Installing a wireless or wired burglar alarm system is not a flippant decision. Every day, somebody somewhere is planning to burglarize large and small businesses! As a business owner, don’t let them get away with this. For these criminals to be caught red-handed, you should be wise in choosing the right burglar alarm system for your business or your home.

To make it easier for you, here are the pros and cons of wireless and wired alarm systems:

Installation Cost

While the parts of this system are relatively expensive, what you should be concerned about is the labor in installing the alarm system. Since wireless alarm systems are, of course, portable, this costs a lot less than the wired alarm system which usually takes more than twice time to install. Installation costs for wireless alarm systems are significantly less than what wired alarm systems require. However, if your business is involved with cable trays and suspended ceilings, wired alarm systems may be the right one for you.

Long-term Costs

Wireless burglar alarms require the ongoing cost of sensor battery replacements every two years. Despite the disruptive installation process for wired alarm systems, once they are in, they are in for good. The cabling can still be reused even if you decide on upgrading the system. However, you must always remember that both alarm systems need regular maintenance to prevent costly expenses when unidentified issues arise.


At one time it was a popular opinion that wired burglar alarm systems were much more reliable because wireless systems were known to have false alarms. However, both alarm systems are now sufficiently reliable. Concerns about signal interference have been eliminated as wireless technology advanced. Additionally, with a wired system, this concern is not a problem.


When somebody asks which alarm system is cleaner and less disruptive, the answer is definitely going to be the wireless alarm system. However, both alarm systems can be installed neat and tidy with the right people. It’s just that the wireless system provides the nicer finish considering that there are fewer wires to conceal unlike the wired alarm system that usually need to be fitted around doorways and other corners of the area.


Installing extensions to wireless alarm systems are simple considering that they are of course portable. Wired systems, however, are more disruptive and time-consuming. Hardwired alarm systems are there to stay wherever you put them. If you plan on moving, you’re going to need to re-cable the whole system into a new property which results in a large bill from your alarm system provider.  With a wireless burglar alarm system, you just have to simply unscrew the control panel and wireless devices off the walls and you are good to go.

It is clear which burglar alarm system is easier to manage. However, it is still up to you which alarm system is right for your home or your business. Either way, both will give you peace of mind and can truly help you in making your business premises safe and secure.

If you need help selecting the right security system for your business, contact us. We’ll be happy to help in any way!

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