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August 14, 2018

Choosing The Right Security Camera For Your Business

With today’s technology, protecting homes and businesses is much easier with the presence of video surveillance systems. Many home and business owners have opted to install private security networks on their premises to keep them safe from criminal activity. However, with the many advanced security camera systems on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right security system.

So before you go through it alone, you need to first ask yourself these questions to determine which security system is the best one:

  1. Do the cameras need to be installed discreetly or visibly?

Knowing the location and what you need to monitor will help you decide whether or not you need obvious or discreet cameras. Usually, there are two types of security cameras that often come up when talking about how it should be installed.

Box cameras are large cameras that are shaped like a box with a lens attached to the front. This can be the most noticeable type of security camera to remind people that someone is watching over them. This reduces the chances of a crime happening in the first place as it iss conspicuous and will ward off criminal behavior.

Dome cameras, on the other hand, are the best option for a discreet installation due to their small size. Dome cameras are usually mounted on ceilings or hung from poles attached to the ceiling. Because the housing is the only visible part of the dome camera, it is difficult to deduce which areas are actually being monitored. This type of security camera is most commonly used indoors.

  1. Will the cameras be installed with bright light or low light?

It is important for you to know where your security camera is going to be filming as the overall light level of the surroundings will definitely affect your choice. If they will be installed in bright or well-lit areas, your choice of camera will have very few limitations. Sufficient lighting will make it easy for security cameras to capture clear footage. When installed with dim lighting, however, you might have to take some more time in choosing your security camera. There are only a few types of security cameras that can handle dim lighting. Make sure to look for a camera that lists low-light compatibility among its specifications.

  1. Will the security cameras be used indoors or outdoors?

Although most modern cameras can be used both indoor and outdoor, it is still important to consider their specific features. In cold temperatures, you must choose a durable camera with an in-built heater for it to keep operating despite a harsh environment. For the use in the transport industry where there is a high level of vibration, choose a robust video surveillance solution for a reliable operation.

  1. Do the cameras need to have an audio?

You need to decide if audio is an important feature for you as a home or business owner. This feature allows for personnel to hear and speak to possible perpetrators. From the point of view of the surveillance, it can also be used in detecting possible threats which will record and alarm automatically.

  1. What resolution does the security camera need to have?

The security camera’s resolution is determined by either TVL or pixels. If you are willing to invest significantly when buying your security camera system, then you will want a TVL rating with at least 480 or 10-megapixel. The rating is an important detail to consider when you choosing your security camera.

Once you have answered these basic questions concerning buying the right security camera, it will be an easy decision! However, remember to take your time. Do not be misled by sales people who are only after the big sale. Take your time and choose carefully as the safety and security of your family or employees is paramount.

More questions? Talk to one of our security specialists today. We would be happy to help in any way we can. Contact us at 757-523-9646 or comment below!

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  1. I love that this article talked about how to choose the right security camera for your business. A friend is thinking about opening a small shop. And he's looking into the security issues of doing so, plus he wants it to be in a busy street, and he's worried about it not being safe. I think this information is going to help him out. Thanks for the advice on how important it is to know the location and what you need to monitor before choosing a security camera.

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