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September 24, 2018

What is License Plate Recognition?

License plate recognition (LPR) is a feature on software that involves the capturing, detecting, reading, and storing photographic video or images of license plates. The LPR is used mainly for traffic monitoring in parking lots and gated security entrances. The captured videos or images will be processed by a series of algorithms, which will then provide an alpha numeric conversion to make the captured license plate into a text entry.

How does it work?

License plate recognition captures a video or an image of a vehicle’s license plate, and then either stores it for later review or runs the image through software that analyses videos, or video analytics software like Avigilon, to compare it to other license plate numbers stored in a database.

If there is a match of the captured license plate and the license plate found in the database, the system can be set up to send alerts. Immediately notifying you wherever you may be, the alerts sent off by the system can be sent to your email or mobile phone for any unusual or suspicious activities.

Camera factors to consider for effective license plate recognition:

  1. Angle – the proper camera angle is essential in installing LPR; LPR cameras that are installed too high or too low will not see the license plate clearly and can therefore cause irregularities
  2. Distance – the distance from the camera to the vehicle should be considered despite the camera’s ability to zoom in; when the distance is too far, the result of the zoomed in image may be unclear
  3. Lighting – the lighting is particularly needed especially during the dark; it’s going to need additional lighting whether you have already installed lights or used the camera’s built-in IR

Additionally, the quality of the image or the videos should be taken in to consideration. Avigilon LPR analytics appliances can provide all of these with the best results to meet the standards set by your local law enforcement. When used as legal evidence, your equipment must be of good quality to ensure clarity.

How can this help your company?

Although the need for license plate recognition can be very specific, LPR is incredibly essential when it comes to:

  • The security of an area, such as military base or research facility
  • The monitoring of gated entrances and parking lot traffic
  • Tracking a known suspect’s vehicle
  • Tracking a stolen vehicle or a car involved in a crime
  • The enforcement of parking laws like time limits and reserved spaces

For more information on LPR or Avigilon products, contact us. South Bay is an authorized dealer for Avigilon and one of our security specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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