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February 20, 2020

Compliance of Kari’s Law & the Ray Baum’s Act

South Bay Communications & Security has delivered ESI Telephone solutions to businesses nationwide since 2002. They keep us relevant and updated with today’s law and technology!

Two federal statutes were signed into law in 2018 to improve emergency calling when using a MLTS (Multi Line Telephone System) like those sold by ESI. The statutes are Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum’s Act.1 This post states the basic concept of these statutes, when compliance begins, and which ESI Phone Systems are compliant.

What are the Kari’s Law requirements?

Requiring a “Prefix” when Calling 911 is Prohibited
Locations with MLTS must remove any requirement that a caller dial “9”, “8”, or any other number to reach an outside line to make a call to 911.

On-Site Notifications
When a 911 call is placed from an MLTS, a notification must be sent to on-site personnel, alerting them to the emergency. The notifications to the appropriate contact can take the form of phone calls, visual alerts on a monitor, audible alarms, text messages, and/or emails.

When does the law go into effect?

Kari’s Law applies to MLTS that are manufactured, imported, offered for first sale or lease, first sold or leased, or installed after February 16, 2020.

MLTS that were manufactured, imported, sold or leased, or installed before February 16, 2020 are grandfathered from compliance with the statutes. However, it’s within the best interest of any business to become compliant to provide better 911 services to those using the MLTS and to prevent potential litigation in the case of a 911 event.

Which ESI systems are compliant?

Please refer to the list below for details on which ESI systems are compliant.

SystemVersionProhibited PrefixOn-Site Notification
ESI eCloud PBX™N/AYesYes
ESI eSIP Evolution Series™Any system software Yes Yes
ESI Communications Servers™ESI-1000, ESI-600, ESI-200, ESI-100, ESI-50) system software version xx.5.10 (or higher) Yes Yes
ESI IP Server 900™Any system software Yes Yes

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