Caught on Camera

Here's and example of HD video surveillance in action outside of the South Bay Communication & Security office. This video surveillance clearly shows the truck striking a South Bay vehicle. Even if we did not have any physical witnesses with our Spectrum Video Management Software we would have been able to easily identify the truck‚Äôs license plate. The software has the ability to zoom in to portions of security video to see more detail. To get an idea of the zoom capability watch the original video feed.

If you have questions about how an HD video surveillance can help protect your business, contact one of our security experts at 757-523-9646 or contact us.

Digital Watchdog and Arecont Vision provide software and camera solutions that allows for up to 180 and 360 degree HD video surveillance to ensure that all areas in need of protection can be sufficiently covered. For more information on security video surveillance systems including a larger screen capture of the below image, click here.