Security Monitoring

Our team stays abreast of the latest best-in-class security technologies available.

South Bay Communications & Security

South Bay Communications & Security offers security monitoring which includes monitoring systems that watch for burglar, fire and residential and/or business alarm signals.

Unlimited backup power is provided for the office and monitoring center by on-site power generators.

Alarm Monitoring – Residential and Commercial: Standard alarm dispatch service with ECV “Enhanced Call Verification” as allowed or required by local regulations.

Periodic Test Monitoring – Daily, Weekly, Monthly test monitoring for communications tests.There is no additional charge for monthly test monitoring.

Internet Monitoring – For those clients with no wire line phone, but a high speed internet connection, now they can use that internet connection for their alarm transmissions. Or backup monitoring can be offered over the internet, as a secondary path to the wire line phone. If the phone is out the signal can still get through.

Cellular Monitoring through AlarmNet – AlarmNet is Honeywell’s new backup or alternate transmission path system. Available in cellular and internet versions, AlarmNet provides secure backup monitoring as well as a viable option for those applications where normal telephone lines are simply not available.

Open/Close Monitoring Service – This service has been available for many years, but most clients fail to appreciate its management and security value. Business owners need to know that their employees are opening on time, and that their building is secure at closing time. An alarm system is of no use unless it is armed every night. Businesses pay thousands for security, including recurring monthly fees, then trust to luck that the system will actually be used by their employees. In addition to regular reports of open and close activity, you can offer Late to Open, Late to Close, and Unauthorized Opening services, increasing your client’s security and your value to them.

Backup Communications Monitoring – Monitoring of backup communications is available over Ademco Alarmnet or other cell backup services.

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Supervision Monitoring – As a U.L. listed monitoring center we provide alarm, trouble, and supervisory alarm monitoring of all types of fire and sprinkler alarm systems.

Process Monitoring – Don’t feel limited to conventional alarm system monitoring. We can monitor temperatures, power failures, water levels, sump pump operation, humidity and much more.