DMP Security Monitoring

South Bay Communications & Security is an official DMP partner offering fully integrated access control and intrusion detection.

Virtual Keypad allows users to remotely manage the security system on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Use Virtual Keypad to Manage Your Security System Wherever You Go

Now, your alarm system can do more than just keep your office secure. You can turn your lights on and off, set your thermostat, lock your doors, view cameras and give you event notifications,
all from the Virtual Keypad app or website.

Integrated Access Control: Protect and Manage Your Facility with Confidence

In the past, a sturdy lock was the most effective method available to control access to your facility. Today you have the capability to truly manage both exterior and interior access. With the appropriate security devices and alarm management software in place, you can take control of who goes wh ere and when in your facility with a single integrated security solution.

Small Business Security 

An important part of managing your business is insuring the safety and security of your employees, facilities and assets.

My Virtual Keypad Overview

The Virtual Keypad™ Browser providing end users with the ability to remotely control their security system via Internet connection on a tablet or computer.

Go With the Pros!

Don’t get taken for a ride by out-of-town door knockers. High pressure, door-to-door sales types are here today and gone tomorrow.

Always On Alert

Smart business owners create a vastly increased level of security by having their system monitored. When there’s an alarm, the system automatically alerts our monitoring stations so we can instantly dispatch appropriate emergency responders.

Having your alarm system monitored 24/7 by our operators offers peace of mind. Your system will alert our monitoring station of any system triggered alarms whether medical, duress, panic, fire, or burglary. In the event of an emergency, responders will be notified.