The ESI ePhone4:
Making Business Communications A Breeze

The ESI ePhone4 is ideal for active business phone users. The color display provides a vibrant user experience offering an active view of calls, history, and voice mails. The ePhone4 offers all of the features you depend on, plus a 4" color display, desi-less programmable keys and multiple options to get to key features based on user preferences.

ESI ePhone4

ePhone4 Desktop Smartphone Highlights & Features

  • Offers an informative user experience with the 4” color display.
  • Delivers a desi-less experience – always up to date for extension changes.
  • Simplifies key programming of the thirty-six (36) keys with the use of the ESI Dashboard for easy and quick programming.
  • Offers busy indication for extensions to enable more efficient communications with coworkers.
  • One-touch eHELP – providing quick access to “how-to” user videos in order to assist users in learning how to use new features, therefore driving adoption.
  • Leverages the power of ESI Intelitouch™ integration across devices, providing a truly unified view of communications.
  • Automatic updates are pushed to your phone so users can take advantage of new features instantly.
  • 4” color touchscreen display
  • View call history
  • Visual voice mail
  • 36 programmable keys (no desi strips)
  • Easy key programming through the phone or the ESI Dashboard
  • One-touch call recording
  • eHELP access
  • 3-way Conferencing
  • Busy indication for programmed key extensions and call queues
  • Call mute, hold, park and transfer
  • User access to set call preferences
  • Full duplex
  • Fixed headset key
  • HD handset
  • Gigabit