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November 10, 2017

What Benefits Does Your Business Receive From Using a Security Monitoring System?

Peace of mind is a luxury that many business owners would call priceless. Fire, theft, and medical emergencies are all concerns that can plague a business if it is unprepared.

For those unforeseen and worrisome situations, a security monitoring system can be the difference between profit and loss, or life and death. Here are several reasons why your business should consider investing in a security monitoring system.

Advances in Technology

Modern security systems are nothing like the dated systems of yesteryear.


New security systems remove the need for invasive drilling and are wireless, making for easy and quick installation. This also makes the entire system more resilient to wire cutting and power outages.

Monitoring Centers

Advances in technology also extend to the monitoring centers, which are there to help 24/7. These centers are staffed by professionals trained to help, no matter the circumstances. They are also backed up by on-site power generators, ensuring that they are always available.

Additionally, dispatch doesn’t have to be done over the phone in the event that lines are down. Since many people don’t even own landlines, transmissions or back up monitoring can be done through a high-speed internet connection or a cellular connection.

A Watchful Eye


A study regarding retail theft concluded that about six million people are arrested each year for stealing, and about a sixth of those people were employees stealing from their own companies. That doesn’t even account for the millions that are getting away with the crime.

Security systems can also work in conjunction with surveillance systems to ensure that merchandise doesn’t just grow legs and walk out the door. After all, employee theft can be just as bad, if not worse, than theft from outside sources.

Theft will never be completely stomped out, but a security system can be the difference between someone walking away with nothing, and someone walking away with thousands of dollars in stolen goods.

Sexual Harassment and Violence

The safety of an employee should be of the utmost importance. And the mere presence of video surveillance could help deter acts of sexual harassment or acts of violence that would otherwise threaten the safety of employees. Like motion activated lights coming on outside the home, often a security system is enough to deter terrible behavior.

Jack of All Trades

Modern security monitoring systems provide numerous other services that work together to monitor the following:

  • temperature
  • power failures
  • water levels
  • humidity
  • fire alarms
  • sprinklers

Worse case scenario, there’s a fire or medical emergency and someone needs help. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that there was a system put in place that ensured help would always be called when needed?

Invest in a Security Monitoring System

Security systems have come a long way. They can deter theft and crime, provide 24/7 service, and can provide comprehensive monitoring for a wide variety of factors. They can even save lives.

Our company can do all of that while also providing day to day service and assistance in emergency situations.

If you are a business interested in investing in peace of mind, you owe to yourself to look into a security monitoring system.

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Stephanie Calway

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  1. You made a good point when you shared that the presence of video surveillance could help stop acts of violence that could threaten the safety of employees at a workplace. Therefore, it is very important for companies to ensure that their facilities are equipped with the proper security system. I would like to think if a business wants to improve its safety measures, it should look for a reliable service that can offer to provide the best security system.

  2. I think that security cameras do a great job of stopping employees from stealing stuff. Especially at places that sell food. Mainly because some employees will think that no one will notice if the food is gone but luckily the cameras will catch them.

  3. I like that you talked about wireless security systems wherein it will make the installations easier. I would love that for my own home as well since I need 24/7 security monitoring in my property as soon as possible. It's because another incident happened in the village this week, so I need to have it done to protect my family.

  4. I'm glad you talked about how to protect your business from thieves! Recently, one of my uncles said he's interested in opening a pawn shop. I believe my uncle would want to keep an eye on the shop at all times, so I'll be sure to share your article with him. Thanks for the advice on monitoring systems and their advantages.

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