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August 1, 2018

5 Keys to Implement an Effective Surveillance System

In the world of cameras and security equipment, it can be quite overwhelming and intimidating when installing or upgrading your surveillance system. This can be especially challenging if you’re not an expert in the industry. However, for the surveillance system to be effective, it’s imperative to know the keys implementing the right one. When working properly, the surveillance system will improve security and safety for your homes or business. In addition, it can help the authorities respond to crimes or other issues that might arise.

Understanding how video surveillance systems increase the safety of your facility will be of little help if they are not installed and operated properly.

Here are 5 keys in implementing an effective surveillance system:

Identify the vulnerabilities.

Know the exact reasons why you’re installing cameras to avoid disappointments. A clear statement of purpose will define your goals will help you communicate more clearly with surveillance experts who will eventually address any kind of help you will need before you even ask them. Communication is really important for you to achieve the goal you have set for your business and allow the security professionals to design a system that is suitable for you needs.

Set expectations.

When you are planning to install a surveillance system, establish reasonable goals. Although they are especially helpful in crime investigations and criminal suspect identification, some systems do not get to achieve every goal you have. You will have to balance your needs with your budget. No security solution is perfect.

Identifying your surveillance priorities will allow you to understand how far your budget will go. Not all systems will offer the great quality for a low cost. The type of resolution and the number of cameras will naturally affect how much you will invest. When you are concerned about the wellness of your family or employees and security of your assets, it is vital to identify your security goals (e.g. the coverage of the video, blind spots, etc.).

Consider lighting and indoor cameras.

Video quality continues to improve as camera technology advances. Indoors cameras provide the best quality of picture as the conditions are controlled. Consistent lighting helps with video quality. If you are installing indoors, you can get away with a less expensive camera and still expect really good results.

Survive outdoor elements.

Outdoor surveillance systems can be more difficult because of inconsistent lighting like cloud coverage, darkness, bright lights that blind the lenses, and uneven lighting.

However, this does not mean that cameras installed outdoor are unusable. You just have to know, as an owner, that there will be some challenges to overcome. The right lighting set up can help this problem so that it eliminates some of the inconsistency.

Establish surveillance policies.

To avoid conflicts, when installing a surveillance system, always establish a written policy to help people understand the purposes that the cameras will and will not serve. Address the basic functions of the system and the basic rules such as:

  1. What the intended purposes are of the surveillance system
  2. Specific personnel who have access to footage
  3. The appropriate locations of the installment of the cameras
  4. Basic operations of cameras
  5. Propriety rights of footage

Installing surveillance systems can provide you the security you need but with the right expectations and implementation. If you need more help with the planning and implementation of your surveillance system, do not hesitate to reach out to our specialists.

If you have questions or comments, submit your message below or you can contact us today!

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