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January 22, 2018

7 Reasons Why Voice Mail Can Help Your Business

The idea of using voice mail may sound strange in the internet age. Yet, it provides great solutions for business communications and customer service.

Your saved greeting message should be short, unique, and engaging. You should record the message in a place without background noises. These make you appear unprofessional.

While email is the most prolific communication tool, it would be unwise to neglect the others. Unfortunately, many business owners believe voice mail is no longer relevant. Moreover, others fear their employees will use it to avoid picking calls.

Read on to learn how taking messages for missed calls can help your company.

Benefits of Using Voice Mail in Your Business

Some people never know how to respond when they miss a phone call. There’s the underlying worry the person on the other end won’t be understanding. In business, such situations can hinder sales and damage relationships.

Here are seven reasons how voice mail can make a difference to your company:

1. It Enables Customer Retention

We all know the frustration of being put on hold or the phone ringing but no one picking up. This is the easiest way to lose customers. Some are impatient, whereas others will be put off by your customer service.

Having a system for taking their calls ensures their call goes through. Plus, they receive a guarantee you will call them back to address their issue.

2. Eliminates the Need for Administrative Support

If you are thinking of cost-saving ideas for your business, then hiring less staff should be at the top of your list. You won’t need to hire many administrative staff if you have a system for your missed phone calls.

3. Get a Detailed Message from Your Clients

You can listen to the recording from your clients without any filters. For example, fellow employees may distort the message they got from a customer. Thus, you’ll be able to provide the right solutions.

4. Time to Prepare Solutions

It’s tougher to come up with solutions on the spot. A recorded message gives you enough time to plan your response. This means you can expect a positive outcome when you speak to the customer.

5. Enjoy the Convenience

This system is convenient because you can retrieve the messages at any time and place. That means you’ll get it even if it’s outside office hours.

Moreover, you can add a transcription feature to your system. This gives you a printout of the message. Or, it can forward the transcribed message to your email address.

6. Improves Business Efficiency

Leaving messages saves time for customers and your business. Customers don’t have to wait on the phone for an attendant.

The system allows you to route the message to the right department. Thus, they can try to resolve the customer’s needs. This efficiency lowers operating costs while boosting customer retention and satisfaction.

7. Call Screening

With voicemail, your staff can answer priority phone calls and allow the system to pick up the rest. This enhances productivity and efficiency in your business operations.

Learn More About Communications and Security

As the benefits above show, it is not yet time to give up on voicemail. Though the internet is offering many solutions, there is still some value in the old ways. This system will allow you to offer your customers 24-hour services.

Contact us to learn more about communications and security.

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  1. I love the idea of having a system that will take a potential customer's call when no one is there. I for one would love it if this happened and then the company actually called me back the next day. That would save me a ton of time and it would be rally convenient for me.

  2. My friend wants to make sure that his business gets attention. It's good to know that he can advertise with voice mail services. I'll make sure that he knows to work with a professional to ensure that he does things properly.

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