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July 10, 2018

Comparing the Konftel 55 and Konftel 55Wx Conference Phones

One of the things that have made business life easier is connecting multiple called parties with multiple lines through one conferencing bridge. This is also known as an audio conference call. Throughout the years, many business telephones have supported audio conferencing solutions. It is a great way to save time and money while contributing to a better work environment.

Swedish phone manufacturer, Konftel, was formed in 1988 and has since built an excellent and trusted reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of audio conferencing solutions. Konftel continues to successfully accomplish its mission of helping people around the world easily conduct meetings no matter the distance. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of different business conference telephones that serve different purposes such as the Konftel 55 and the Konftel 55Wx.

The Konftel 55 is an easy to use desktop conference phone with crystal clear sound because of its patented audio technology OmniSound HD. It has the ability to connect with your computer, mobile phone, tablet and desktop phone with ease. Additionally, the call connections made using Konftel 55 can easily be transferred using the smart user interface of the LCD color screen. It also has the ability to record calls into a removable memory card which can be used in your computer for safe keeping.

Konftel 55 Features and Functions:

  • OmniSound HD
  • Rechargeable Battery (battery life can last up to 9 hours)
  • Two Year Warranty
  • SD Call Recording
  • LCD Color Display
  • Meeting Size to 12 people
  • USB Connection
  • Integration with UC Clients

While Konftel 55 is a great option for efficient web and teleconferencing, the Konftel 55Wx can do much of the same while enhancing staff productivity and creating a strong collaborative working environment for small to medium-sized businesses. This product has a lot to offer giving users fast access to their company’s client features directly through the phone’s touchscreen with just a swipe or a tap of a finger.

Konftel 55Wx Features and Functions:

  • OmniSound Technology
  • Optional Wireless Connection
  • Phone and Tablet Connection
  • Bluetooth with HD
  • Meeting Size to 20 people
  • Integration with UC Clients
  • Recording on Memory Card
  • USB Connection

Konftel have made such a good name for themselves as a company with their contributions to the telecommunications market. They can be relied upon for effective results that are consistent, and these products prove it.

We hope this was a helpful comparison of these two great Konftel phones. Either one can contribute greatly to your business or company. If you need additional assistance in deciding which conference telephone is the right one your company, contact us today. Call us at 757-523-9646 or comment below.

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